etak Design Pty Ltd, (etak) regularly archives projects that have either been completed, or have had little or no activity on the project for a predetermined time e.g. 12 months.  etak is required to hold project material for up to 5 years after project completion.  If the project is in built form, we tend to hold the records for 7 years after project completion.

 Hard copy archives are stored off site in a secured warehouse.  Electronic records (soft copy) may be 'burnt' to Compact disk or DVD, or stored on a remote hard disk.  These electronic records may also be stored off site, or electronically "in the cloud".

Hard copy archive materials usually consist of documents (e.g. stamped drawings, received correspondence, etc). Soft copy records usually include emails, CAD files, MS Word documents, spreadsheets, PDF's and other electronic records.

Should a project be archived and later be required, etak may, at its discretion, charge a fee to retrieve those materials.  The fee is calculated using the hourly rate of the architect that worked on the job, with a minimum of one hour charged.

etak may also charge a fee for the supply of hard copy drawings that are requested, either from archive (or otherwise).  CAD files are usually not supplied, but maybe offered for a fee.